Saturday, March 29, 2008

Post Swancon Roundup
Swancon went well and I did a lot of promotional stuff.
People associated with this con swept through the awards too!

Nick won a Ditmar for Best Art (For the Rynemonn cover)
Alisa won (takes a deep breath) two Tin Ducks, one for Best Fan Writing (“Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth”) and one for Best Fan Production (ASiF!) as well as the Ditmar for Best Fan Achievement (ASiF!). She also shared in the Ditmar for Best Fanzine (“Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth”), and I think there were others as well.

It was a bit of a blur as I won a Tin Duck for Best Fan Art (Night's Edge Postcards) and our Treasurer also won one for for Best Fan Writing (“Blog Like It’s The End Of The World”).

Go to the ASiF website for more goodness.

I was also presenting the Mumfan Award to two deserving people

Tom also sneakily got married over the weekend. Congratulations to you!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm at Swancon
I have a receipt book and I'm not afraid to use it. See you there.